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For anyone out there who is in search of feeling more peaceful and focused

“you might want to seriously consider participating. It is challenging to be able to quiet your mind, if you want to enhance your sports performance you have to take a long hard look at this and if you need to research the benefits I know there are lots of articles out there supporting the benefits. I hope all of my friends out there join the challenge. What have you got to lose? Wishing you all the best of success, I know that I will be enjoying this.”

Bob Wilkie
"", Colorado ""

Blissful…… love love

Arlene Agyeman Coker Appiah

wow!a guide meditation so full of love, light & peace! i ab’soul’utely will take part in om week! my intention is to allow perfect health so that I may share beauty in the form of teaching meditation with those I attract into my life. Thank you Vishen!

Rhonda Enea

This is the only Music that helped me to date I find the easiest (without even drowning out outside noise with headphones) to use it is by far the most relaxing 10 min of my day and I thank the people responsible for making this work of bliss I call heaven best product by mile’s

Gale Budge Ne Knoutze

“I’m at Peace with this” to anything that throws me off balance…It’s only been a week, but Boy does it make a difference!_

Kathryn Harper

Over 200 people meditated to OmHarmonics during Awesomeness Fest in Maui in 2012

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