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Ever wonder what’s going on in your brain when you meditate? Even those with little experience will know of the common traits; that feeling of relaxation, clarity of mind – but what do you know of the science behind it?

It’s all to do with your neural oscillation, or as it is more commonly known – brain waves – which naturally occur in 4 frequencies.

Beta frequency Alpha frequency Theta frequency Delta frequency
Brain Wave Frequency (cycles per seconds)


Your natural, waking rhythm. Perception of all 5 senses and of time and space.


Experienced during light sleep. Higher intuition. The dream state.


The level associated with deep sleep and relaxation. The mind remains active.


Deep dreamless sleep also known as slow-wave sleep. Complete loss of body awareness.

How does your brain switch between them?

As you go about your day (and even as you read this) your mind is in the Beta level. These low amplitude waves with multiple and varying frequencies are often associated with active, busy, or anxious trails of thought. When people meditate they are subconsciously switching their brain waves to the higher Alpha level, giving people that sought after sensation of relaxation and peace.

The difficulty for most, even seasoned meditation gurus, is getting to and staying at this higher level of brain activity. It’s all too easy for a ringing phone or passing car to knock you out of Alpha, plus there are the internal barriers to overcome like mental chatter or stray thoughts.

Over 200 people meditated to OmHarmonics during Awesomeness Fest in Maui in 2012

At Mindvalley we receive literally hundreds of emails each week from our subscribers asking for tips or techniques on how to help them eliminate their meditation gremlins. We’ve heard stories of the extreme lengths people go to to overcome these challenges, such as spending thousands on meditation and yoga instructors or even travelling to the remote ashrams of India.

As always, we do our best to extend a helping hand, but tips and guidance can only go so far, so in late 2011 we asked ourselves a rather bold question…

Could we create something to help revolutionize how you meditate?

The next-generation binural beats technology by Paul Hoffman.

After asking this of ourselves, the questions kept coming. Just how far could modern technology push the boundaries of what our minds are truly capable of? What if we could eliminate the barriers that all too often stop us from entering an Alpha level? Could we make it possible for people who had never successfully meditated before to feel the same experience as someone who does it on the daily?

We spent the next 12 months trying to answer these very questions. We spoke with and studied our meditation community, we probed and prodded their hopes and concerns, analyzed the most common obstacles, learned how they like to meditate, what they would like to see in the future, and then put all those collective concerns into developing an industry leading audio technology that could bring deep, effective meditation to all.

We finally got our answer…

Yes, we could.

And we called it OmHarmonics.

For many, this was the first guided audio that achieved something that truly complimented the foundations of meditation.

It got such a reaction it was even featured at Times Square.

In the first 7 days over 50,000 meditative minds sampled the free audio.

OmHarmonics meditation on Times Square, New York.

We received over 1,681 comments with adulation and feedback from the entire spectrum of the community; both beginners and experts had experienced sensations such as heightened focus, expanded creativity, greater problem-solving capabilities, better pain control, and an enhanced learning capacity.

But how did we set about achieving this revolution in relaxation? By unlocking…

The potential behind binaural beats

Binaural beats are specially engineered sounds that have alternating frequencies and tone and are proven to have an affect on brain wave patterns. The discovery, made in 1839 by renowned physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, helped induce many benefits to the user, such as improved pain control, lower anxiety and an easy transition into a state of deep relaxation.

5 things that make your FREE OmHarmonics meditation audio unlike any other meditation track out there

While binaural beats have been known to the scientific community for some time, on their own they sound harsh and unpleasant to the ear. The trick in engineering the ultimate meditation experience lies with mixing these beats with 5 innovative and unique characteristics…

1Go beyond binaural beats with MRT Technology

OmHarmonics is more than just a binaural based meditation audio – it’s the step beyond. Our Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT) guides you intro a state of profound relaxation by aligning your senses with audible heartbeats and breathing sounds. The synchronization of your senses helps your body find its natural rhythm and pave the way for an immersive introspective experience.

2Elegant to the ears

By reading into some of the technology so far, we would forgive you for thinking that OmHarmonics could be little more than a series of blips and beeps – but what really ties it all together are the beautifully arranged symphonies that render the technology inaudible to the conscious ear. A lot of ‘futuristic’ meditation audios are aurally unpleasant; OmHarmonics is Mozart meets meditation in a blender.

3The oscillation effect

Everybody is different, and as such everybody’s brainwaves can slip from Beta to Alpha at varying frequencies. To counter this, each OmHarmonics track runs through a broad range of frequencies at the beginning of each audio to find yours and help you slip into Alpha effortlessly.

4Guided flow

OmHarmonics guides you into the proper meditation level, keeps you there for the desired time period, and then gently guides you out. It’s like having someone hold your hand gently as you explore these deeper levels of mind. Our various tracks guide you in and out of these levels and were created to be used at different times of the day. Each is customized for morning, evening or special situations such as creativity boosts, focused attention or work time.


5Create the perfect day

OmHarmonics has been made to help you structure your meditation practice around different times of the day or when you are searching for a desired mental affect. For example, ‘The Awakening’ is used in the morning as a calm start to a productive day, while ‘The Spark’ helps induce abundant creativity and attention at work, or ‘The Deep Rest’ that soothingly guides you to a deep sleep at night.

Welcome to the evolution of meditation.

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You are minutes away from experiencing deeper meditation

Play the sample! Click below to experience this free meditation audio.