Sleep meditation helps you de-stress for quality sleep.If you’ve ever had trouble getting to sleep or if you’ve experienced fitful sleep – and suffered the consequences the next day – you know that finding a way to fall asleep and stay asleep is essential to your health and well-being.

“Just relax and lie there” doesn’t cut it. Medical sleep aids can leave you feeling lethargic and dopey. Getting up and getting busy until you’re exhausted just makes getting up in the morning next to impossible.

One of the reasons you’re having trouble sleeping is probably due to stress. If you can’t let go of your worries, you won’t relax enough to get a good night’s sleep.

How to de-stress so you can fall asleep, and sleep well all night

Journaling is a great way to lighten the mental/emotional load.Every evening before bed, spend a few minutes journaling. This age-old tradition is a great way to lighten the mental and emotional load. Look at one issue in your life at a time. Write down the issue and your plan of action. If you don’t have a plan of action, write: “I am creating a plan for dealing with this.” Sounds simple, but it can help you let go of worry because you are effectively giving your mind a command to get to work on a solution – subconsciously – while you sleep. Also, just the act of writing down a problem takes it off your mental to-do list (you don’t have to waste mental energy remembering it).

Try these calming techniques as you go to bed:

  1. Place your hands on your abdomen so you can feel your breath. Focus on your breath and feel the physical sensation of your abdomen rising and falling. Having your hands on your belly is also psychologically calming. This goes back to when you were a baby! Mothers instinctively place their hands on an infant’s tummy to soothe the baby. Breathe deep – deep belly breathing is relaxing, while shallow breathing promotes tension.

  2. Visualize your

  3. Visualize your “happy place.” You can do this during meditation or anytime – visualize a calm scene that makes you feel good inside, a place you feel safe, comfortable and happy. You can elicit good feelings from imaginary scenes, just like watching a horror movie will elicit negative feelings. Many people like to imagine beach scenes but if you’re afraid of the ocean, don’t do that! In your mind, go where YOU are happy and peaceful.

  4. Do progressive relaxation. Start at your feet or your head and consciously tense and then deeply relax each body part as you travel from one end of your body to the other. Focus on the physical sensation of creating tension and releasing it. When you think you’ve released the tension from a muscle, relax it some more. Keep going deeper. You’ll be amazed at how much stress and tension you’re unconsciously holding in places like your upper back, arms, abdomen and shoulders!

  5. Meditation is the best worry-releasing, stress-relieving technique there is, and it’s made especially easy with Omharmonics meditation audio. You can meditate during the day and at night, with different intentions, both of which will help you get a good night’s sleep.


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Using Meditation To Manage Sleep

Meditation helps clear the mind so you can sleep.During your daytime meditation, focus on controlling your thoughts. The thoughts you typically replay over and over like a stuck CD are centered around problems you’re having. Use meditation to control those thoughts. You can practice immediately replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. You can also use positive visualization of what you want every time one of these unpleasant thoughts pop up. Eventually you’ll be able to control your thoughts and because of that, your outlook on life will improve, you’ll be less stressed and you’ll be able to sleep well.

During your evening meditation, focus on being grateful. Yes, that includes the things you’re worried about! If you’re grateful for something it means you recognize the value in it. So let’s say financial worries are keeping you awake at night. Be grateful for them. What are you learning because of these problems? How are these issues changing the way you think about things and act? For example, you might be learning to be frugal and manage your money; you might be learning to think, “do I really need this and do I want to deal with it as another thing I own?” when you see something you would have automatically bought before. You might be learning what’s really important in life – family, friends, doing things you love – instead of being sucked into the mindless consumerism of modern society. Learn to find the silver lining in every struggle and you will sleep better!

The best trick to learn is quiet your mind. Whether it’s a daytime or evening meditation, use the Omharmonics meditation audio as your point of focus. Hold your focus longer and longer each time, until you can have a truly quiet mind with NO thoughts at all. As you listen to the meditation music, close your eyes and turn them slightly upward to your third eye (the point just above and between the eyebrows). This quickly helps you silence mental noise.

It’s not uncommon to fall asleep during meditation. That’s great! It means your mind and your body are relaxing! Here comes sleep! So put on your headphones, lie back in bed and before you know it, binaural beats have transported you to a calm place and you’re out like a light. You can continue listening while you sleep, too, to help promote total relaxation.

Sleep Like a Baby? No! Sleep Better!

Meditation increases serotonin production – another reason you will sleep better with a regular meditation practice. With your mind free from worry and stress, you will NOT sleep like a baby – you know, up all night crying – you will sleep like the peaceful, happy person you are!

After a few minutes with your favorite meditation music, you’ll enjoy a better outlook on life, better relationships, more productivity, more energy to do what you love, better concentration and improved health!


Enhance your sleep meditation with Omharmonics audio Free meditation audio