tappingWant to get the most of your meditation practice and accelerate your personal growth? Try adding Project Taping to your daily routine. Just a few minutes of this revolutionary technique, in conjunction with your meditation practice, will transform your life in the most delightful ways imaginable.

You know you work hard, give your best and think positive thoughts – so it stands to reason that your results should be outstanding, right? If they’re not, fear is the culprit. Yes – fear is what’s holding you back and keeping you from realizing your true potential!

Project Taping is all about overcoming fear by uncovering the real reason behind a fear and then using potent self-reprogramming techniques to create new empowering beliefs.

Everyone has fears that have been conditioned into their psyche. These fears are an integral part of everyone’s operating system – things that we’ve unconsciously adopted as “the truth”. Things that our parents said or did; influences from teachers, society and friends; personal and others’ experiences. These fears that dictate how we think, talk and act.

Essentially, our results are based on fear – except for those accomplishments where we overcame fear.

The problem is, these fears are buried deep in the subconscious. They are such a part of who we are that we don’t even realize they’re there!

There are five basic fears that are considered limiting (of course we’re not talking about the primal survival fears). They are: fear of success; fear of failure; fear of change; fear of losing one’s identity; and fear of not being worthy. On some level, everyone holds some or all of these fears.

tapping brainYou can use Project Taping in conjunction with a daily meditation practice and visualization to imprint the beliefs you WANT deeply into your subconscious and replace unwanted beliefs. It’s a simple technique with amazing results!

Project Taping draws on ancient Chinese medicine that identifies 20 meridians or energy centers in the human body. Life energy (chi or prana) flows through these meridians. Ancient wisdom and science agree that two types of forces – external (environmental) and internal (thoughts and emotions) – influence the flow of energy. Energy flow can be stimulated or blocked by these forces. Physically tapping on these meridians stimulates them and unblocks stagnant energy.

Neuroscience has confirmed that thoughts and emotions powerfully influence the body. But did you know that all of these forces can cause physical changes in your DNA? The power of your thoughts and emotions changes your (non-genetic) DNA. Positive, happy, loving thoughts have positive effects and the reverse is true too.

You can create positive physical changes in your body using Tapping; but Project Taping goes beyond the physical. It incorporates classic psychological techniques to help you reprogram your mind to release hidden fears and think in ways that promote success, abundance, happiness and fulfillment.

The unique combination of psychological work and the energy work of Tapping are an amazingly effective way to create new neural pathways in the brain consisting of fearless thoughts. The mind becomes clearer as the clutter of fears dissipates. You begin to see the world in a new light – a light of possibility, not limitation! Intuition and creativity flourish in this new mental/emotional environment.

Project Taping gets down to the foundation of your beliefs – the “why I believe this about myself or the world”. Uncover it, and you’re free from its burden.

Can you imagine the immense power you have, literally at your fingertips?

Meditation, Tapping and psychological exercises (including affirmations and visualization) complement each other to create a complete transformation in the way you think, creating new subconscious beliefs derived from the new thoughts you consciously imprint.

“Tapping produces changes in the body’s thought and energy fields, which in turn creates changes at the physiological level, leading to reduced stress, anxiety and fear” – Roger J. Callahan, Ph.D., energy therapy pioneer.

Project Taping is an easy program that’s enjoyable – and takes only minutes a day. Many people are conditioned to believe that only complicated fixes can be effective but sometimes, the simplest things are the deepest. You can unblock any fear in just minutes and let LIFE flow freely once more.

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