The short story on the mind-body connection is that happy people are generally healthier than unhappy people; and healthy people are generally happier than unhealthy people. If you are either unhappy or unhealthy – or both – rest assured, you have the power to turn things around by changing the quality of your thoughts from negative (stressed, afraid, unhappy) to positive (happy, optimistic, confident)!

The mind-body connection is really just the mind-body whole.The mind-body “connection” is not a connection of two separate entities but different aspects of a whole. The mind-body connection is often talked about by holistic healers in terms of a separation of the mind and the body and some connection between the two but when you look at the universe as nothing but energy, where does the mind begin and end, and where does the body begin and end? Mind and body are two sides of a coin. You can’t have one side without the other; they are absolutely inseparable. Therefore, you can’t have a connection because a connection implies separation!

How the Mind-Body Functions

You may hear people talking about the mind influencing the body and vice-versa, but if you remove that dualistic separation, you will see that ultimately, THOUGHTS determine the state of your health.

Doctors often take the approach that brain chemistry affects emotions (for example, that serotonin deficiency results in depression) – but recent research confirms that repeatedly thinking negative thoughts negatively alters brain chemistry. Negative thoughts affect serotonin levels, which in turn result in depression. By the same token, positive thoughts positively change brain chemistry.

Repeated thoughts affect your brain chemistry.If you’ve ever been through a tough emotional time such as a divorce, you know that your health was impacted. You may have had fluctuations in weight, changes in your skin’s appearance, rapid greying of your hair, digestive problems, colds, etc. In fact, any time you are chronically stressed, you can expect physical ramifications.

You are a multi-faceted diamond. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are facets of that diamond. Imagine trying to remove one of the facets. You can’t! Each is inseparable from the whole. If you cut the diamond and increase the size of one facet, you automatically decrease the size of another. A change in one has an immediate effect on the whole. You wouldn’t be you without these facets, so balancing and nurturing each one will result in a happier, healthier you.

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Meditation and Health

Improve your thinking and see improvement in your health. The ancient practice of meditation gives you powerful insight into the nature of your predominant thoughts, and gives you the mastery to change those thoughts.

Improve your wellbeing with meditation.Traditional meditation can take ages to master but you can experience the same benefits by using a brainwave entrainment program such as Omharmonics. Let the technology gently transport you into a meditative state where you:

  • become aware of your thoughts and your feelings.
  • gain insight into the cause of your behaviors and the ways your actions impact your life.
  • realize that stress is a choice and that you can choose to think thoughts that do not create stress.
  • develop the mastery to choose the thoughts that make you calm and happy and shut down thoughts that cause emotional upheaval.

Nice… but life gets in the way, right? Being laid off, having a child, getting a divorce, coping with death, financial problems, healing from an injury or illness, moving and other stresses contribute to imperfect health. Surprise – even good changes like having a baby or getting a great new job can cause enough stress to impact your health!

Stress management is essential; and why meditation should be just as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. Hundreds of scientific studies prove that people who meditate are happier and healthier than those who don’t!

Your body responds to your thoughts.Your body immediately responds to what you think and feel. Any time you’re upset, anxious, stressed or worried, your body communicates with you that “something is wrong” with symptoms like knots in your upper back; headaches; increase in blood pressure; insomnia or changes in sleep habits; sweating; queasiness; ulcers; back pain; changes in appetite and weight; chest pain; constipation or diarrhea; feeling off balance; fatigue; heart palpitations; sexual dysfunctions; upset stomach… and more.

Too often, we attribute the body’s attempts at communication to foods we ate or the bug that’s going around and because we’re already overwhelmed with stressful things, we neglect our physical health.

Meditation effectively takes stress out of the equation and allows you to choose the thoughts that promote health and well-being instead of mindlessly reacting to thoughts that upset and stress you out.

You must get negative thoughts and feelings under control. Positive thinking is essential but it doesn’t mean you should pretend to be happy when you’re upset. Manage your emotions by acknowledging them, feeling them, letting them run their course and releasing them. Don’t become some sort of unfeeling robot – you have emotions so that you can experience the richness of life; but learn to feel emotions without getting caught up in the thoughts that generated them; this  maintains the emotional equilibrium that promotes good health. Over time, you will develop the ability to quickly restore good thoughts and emotions and stay happy and grounded.

What about the impact of illness, disease or injury on your mental/emotional state? Here, again, meditation helps. Most of the negative thoughts that center around a physical problem are due to stress – when will I heal, will I even heal, what will I do to survive, how will this impact my life, etc. all contribute to keeping you sick and prevent rapid healing. If you can get control of your mind and choose positive thoughts, you WILL heal faster and more completely than if you allow depression and fear to rule you.

In essence, good health is this: if you are happy, you are healthy; if you are healthy, you are happy. It all starts with your thoughts – change your thoughts, and you change your health!

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