Lucid dreaming and meditation are both terms we hear about often- they have a lot of hype (and for good reason). However, they are seldom connected in the modern world of thinking. It’s quite odd, though, when you consider how strikingly similar they are and their innate ability to bring about the out-of-this-world magic of reaching incredibly high states of consciousness. The purpose of this article is to bring together the powerful forces of both lucid dreaming and meditation, and uncover the possibilities that occur when these phenomena co-exist.

How are they similar? A hardy correlation:

Meditation and Lucid Dreaming

Both lucid dreaming and meditation bring about a strong sense of awareness of the present moment- the only difference being that one occurs in the dream state, and the other occurs in the waking state.

This isn’t just hippy-new-agey stuff, it’s science. As the two experiences are essentially the same thing just happening on different levels of human perception, studies have shown a hardy correlation between lucid dreamers and meditators. That’s right- those who meditate tend to have a much easier time lucid dreaming since both experiences involve higher states of awareness of surroundings and self, being present in the moment, focus, abstract thought, ability to reflect on experiences and emotions, as well as visualization skills.

Ways meditation helps lucid dreaming:

Dream Recall: Since meditation improves your awareness, meditating first thing in the morning will make it much easier to remember and become more familiar with your dreams. Likewise, the more intune you are with your subconscious, the easier it will be to tap into dream worlds of now and of long ago.

Re-entering a lucid dream: Do you ever wake up from a vivid, or lucid, dream and wish you could just go back to sleep and fall back into it? Meditation makes the transition from your freshly awakened self back to your dream-self much easier since you will be able to fall back asleep with conscious awareness.

Staying calm and lucid: Lucid dreaming can be exciting- usually, they are so exciting that we are unable to maintain lucidity. Meditation trains the mind to remain calm, aware, and in control.

Gaining control: One of the most fascinating parts of lucid dreaming is your ability to control all that is happening around you; however, this can be quite difficult at first if you are unfamiliar with your mind and how to control it, and not let your emotions control you. Luckily, meditation also helps you gain control over your mind, emotions, and thus, your reality.

Combining forces- Can I meditate in a lucid dream?


Time to take it up a notch.

Meditating within a lucid dream. Yes, it’s a thing. In fact, many ancient traditions were highly aware of this type of “dream science;” or the ability to tap into a realm within dreams that would have you returning to waking reality with what they deemed to be “super powers.”

Simply put, after they would reach the lucid dreaming state, to create an even higher level of awareness, they would begin meditating. The combination of lucid dreaming and meditation would create what many called a Supermind state-of-being. By being in that state of limitless communication with their higher, most pure self, they were able get on a fast-track to enlightenment.

They would come out of these meditative lucid dreams with immense spiritual growth: understanding more deeply the inner workings of their minds, being able to evaluate progress in global and self evolution, and knowing answers to previously perplexing questions. They found a way to super-exceed the powers of both lucid dreaming and meditation.

Ouu, but what is it like?

Meditation during a lucid dream is often described as awestruck ecstasy; pure energy radiating in and out of an ocean of bliss and self realization. It is often said to be an overwhelming rush, but one you wake up from feeling years wiser.

You reach a place that is absent of physical, social, or even spiritual identity. A place that is wise, rather than knowledgeable; a place of absolute knowing without communication… An all-seeing eye. A place that already exists, independent of substances and dependent on your own will and intention.