Omharmonics can help you create inner peace today!Inner peace is one of those states of being that seem elusive in today’s overstimulated world. But here’s a thought for you – what if inner peace were just a choice away?

Yes, a choice!

It is as easy as saying, “I am at peace.” The trick to making this work, though, is a bit more complex. You have to have the mental mastery to shut out the thoughts that prevent you from being at peace. This is not as difficult as you might imagine. And once you learn how, you can go through every day feeling good about life.

Step one is to listen to your mental chatter. Guided meditation is the perfect practice for this. Slip on the headphones, chill out to an Omharmonics meditation audio track, and let your mind wander. It takes a bit of practice to listen to your thoughts without getting caught up in them but you can do it. This is the time to figure out what’s really preventing you from being at peace.

Let your mind wander and listen to it.After a while you’ll notice that you keep looping back to the same old four to seven topics. These are the things that stress you out and prevent you from feeling at peace.

If there’s anything you can do about any of those topics, then do it as soon as possible. A lot of the time, stuff you procrastinate on weighs heavy on the mind and keeps you stressed and tense. Take care of all unfinished business. Get it out of your hair, over with and out of your mind. You’ll feel an amazing release of stagnant energy when you do this.

Now you’ve narrowed the stressful topics by taking care of the things that you have control over. This means that you have less mental work to do to achieve inner peace!

Once you’ve taken care of the things you can control, revisit the mind chatter. Again, meditation is the time and Omharmonics will get you into that deeply peaceful meditation where you can be an impartial observer of your thoughts. With the binaural beats found in Omharmonics, you will identify the one or two that are most persistent. The squeaky wheels of thoughts that demand your energy. The big kahunas of your stress.

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Chances are, they have to do with the Big Three of stressors: finances, relationships and health. Right? Job stresses usually encompass all three: you may hate your job (maybe your boss), but you can’t quit because you have bills to pay and there aren’t any good jobs out there… and the stress of this negatively impacts your health. If you know what your biggest stressor is, that’s the one to focus your mental discipline on first. But if you have two or three and one of them is a job-related thought loop, work on that one first.

Develop mental mastery to create inner peaceStep two is developing mental mastery. When finding inner peace, you want to replace all negative thoughts with positive thoughts. What this boils down to is you have to learn to quit worrying so much. Take action on the things you can control, and if there are things you can’t control, replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This will take time and persistence but if you want inner peace, it’s worth doing.

Every time a negative thought pops up related to your big stressors, take an attitude with it. Say, “next!” and push it out of your mind. Then, as your mind is scrambling to regain its footing, you can insert a thought about the scenario you want to think about.

For example, let’s say you’re struggling to pay the mortgage and the lender has started foreclosure proceedings. This is a major, major stressor that can absolutely destroy your health so you have to get control of your mind. Whenever the “f-word” – “foreclosure” comes up, immediately and forcefully shove it out of the way and replace it with something positive and proactive like “loan modification” or just “modification.” Over and over.

Prime your mind for seeking solutionsIt’s essential to attach an emotion to the word or phrase you are installing as your new default thought. Paint a powerful visual complete with happy emotions of what you want the end result to be – in this case, a loan modification so you can stay in your home. You already have powerful emotions associated with your worries – so create even more powerful emotions about what you want.

Step three is change your perspective. Try to see things from a different point of view. Be okay with alternatives. So, you might lose the house. Is that the end of the world? No. It’s a speed bump in your life, that’s all. See what sorts of alternative scenarios you can imagine. Maybe you really don’t want to be burdened down with a mortgage. Maybe the bank will agree to a loan modification. Imagine all the scenarios you can, and then pick the one that resonates with you.

Whatever scenario you prefer, focus your energy on it and watch what happens. You’ll be amazed!

This stuff works. In 30-60 days, you can totally reprogram that negative thought loop. The source of the stress may still be there, but you are no longer affected by it. Instead, you’re able to focus your energy on finding a solution.

How does this work? Your mind is primed for action now. Instead of repeating the thoughts that make you feel helpless, your mind is becoming hyper-aware of opportunities to change the situation. Going back to the example – you’ll notice job postings, or ways to make money, or you’ll learn how to approach your lender with a plan of action…

This is what your mind is supposed to be doing – working for you!

When you can control your mind, you can finally find inner peace.

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