Are you focused or spacey? Does your mind drift away with every passing wave or can you tune out distractions and really pay attention?

Being present and focused is essential if you’re going to get the most out of life. You can’t learn people’s names at a party if you tune out. You can’t drive safely if your mind is in another galaxy and not on the road. You can’t do your best work if you’re daydreaming.

Inability to focus interferes with workWe all have our moments when we need our mind to focus most, and it won’t, leaving us frustrated and upset watching it leap from topic to topic like a crazed monkey, bouncing away on every tangent, out of control and untamed! Inability to focus interferes with learning, and it interferes with doing your best work.

But there is a way to gain control of your mind: meditation. Meditation is an ancient discipline of mental, emotional control and physical self-control. But if you think that you’ll suddenly have to spend hours in the lotus position with an empty mind, read on…

Mental Mastery

The mental mastery you develop during meditation helps prevent you from constantly being interrupted by stray thoughts. It helps you tune out distractions and focus your mental energies on the task at hand. And, it gives you relief from stress.

You might not be aware that stress is a major cause of inability to focus! If you’re stressing about work, relationships, money, health, etc., you can’t focus. If you’re stressing about failing, looking foolish, not being good enough or letting yourself or other people down, you can’t focus.

One key to improving your ability to focus is removing the stress that causes your mind to go on and on and on endlessly about the same four to seven topics that are on the mental “menu of the day.” Unfortunately, these topics tend to be extremely negative and limiting, full of “I can’t” and “it won’t” thoughts. Meditation helps you become aware of this inner speech and detach from it. That means you allow it to continue on its way without you becoming caught up in it, and it doesn’t distract you from what you should be focusing on.

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The Om Advantage

Omharmonics helps you develop focus

You might think that meditation requires years of dedicated practice. True, if you’re choosing to meditate the traditional way. Just getting IN to the meditative state requires tremendous focus! However, technology has come to the rescue of those who simply don’t have the time or inclination to practice traditional methods. Omharmonics meditation audio entrains, or synchronizes, your brain’s activity to the specific frequencies of meditation. So instead of having to sit and focus on your breath (while trying to quiet your mind) you can just relax, and let the technology do the work of putting you into a meditative state.

The real magic happens when you are meditating. As brain activity slows, the brain releases chemicals to counteract the stress hormones that keep you on edge and unable to focus. Once these calming substances are in your system and the stress hormones are flushed out, you will find it easier to focus.

When you’re meditating, you learn to observe your thoughts float into your awareness, and let them float out again. Or, you can direct your focus to a particular thing like an object or a sound, and keep gently redirecting your mind back to the object or sound whenever it wanders. Learn to do this during meditation, while you’re relaxed and stress-free, and then you can apply the skill of intense focus in your normal life.

The beauty of Omharmonics’ technologically-induced meditation using binaural beats is that you don’t add to your stress because you’re having a tough time focusing. If you just sit in a quiet place and press “play” you will soon be relaxed. Once you’re relaxed and your brain’s frenzied activity has slowed, you can choose something to focus on. Before long, you’ll learn to focus your attention in and out of meditation. Just watch for the amazing results in your life!

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