Go sleep on it, they say. Heck if that was the answer to our problems wouldn’t we be problem-less? No, not just any sleep will solve your problems. But intentional relaxation and “clarity naps” can!

Allowing your mind to enter a relaxed state can promote clearer processing just as meditation can. When you sleep your body goes through several different stages s of unconsciousness. During a nap we normally don’t get all the way to REM sleep, at least for long. We float somewhere in between conscious and unconscious where the doors to our minds are left open for us to explore. In this relaxed and open state, we are less prone to being influenced by the filters of our beliefs about what can and can’t work – so we’re more open to alternative and novel ways of tackling our problems.

As you lie down for your nap, think about your problem. Pose a question for yourself to answer. Write it on a little piece of paper and place it somewhere near you. Without a question it’s much harder to find an answer. Think about what caused the problem? What kind of roadblocks is it presenting to your life? Is this problem the kind that can be corrected with a little tuning or is it going to take a drastic change in outlook and behaviors? Practice some controlled breathing while you relax into your body. Concentrate on feeling the energy well up in your core and emanate through to your extremities. Think about drawing the answer from the bottom of your soul and concentrate on your question while you do.

As you start to slip into your sleep start to ask what it would take to make it right? If you don’t know the answer, ask yourself what caused the problem in the first place and think about how to avoid this situation in the future. Who else is involved with it? What do you think they would do if they were In your situation? Quiet your mind of all other chatter and focus on only this question.

Let yourself drift off, still thinking about this question.

The answer is within you, all you have to do is clear the path to it.

When you wake up immediately grab your paper and read the question aloud. This helps wake up the thoughts you conjured before sleep and bring them back into your consciousness. Try to refrain from letting other issues cloud your thoughts before you have fully recalled your question and its possible solutions. Think about drawing the energy back into your body starting from your fingertips and toes all the way up into your core. Fill yourself up with the possibilities of the universe and accept that anything is possible. You are an incredible being capable of anything you want to do, all you have to do is decide and stick to your decision no matter how hard it is.

Our problems are a creation of our decisions. Just as the solutions are a creation of our decisions. Nothing about problem solving is easy but if you can put your full attention and focus into processing it fully you are much more likely to find what you are looking for.

You may dream about it; you may have an answer upon waking; or, you may spontaneously have an “aha” moment at some random time of day! But trust that the answer will come, in the form of words, images, feelings, sudden awareness of something (when something jumps out at you, it’s for a reason!) or other ways… and that the answer will most likely come when you LET GO of trying to find an answer. Get out of your own way, to “hear” what is being “said.”