What Is Brain Entrainment?

Brain entrainment is a scientifically proven method of producing a desired brainwave frequency (such as meditation) by synchronizing brainwaves to a specific frequency from an external audio stimulus. When a rhythmic beat is played, the brain quickly syncs its activity to match. This is called the “frequency following response.” Different states of consciousness correspond to different frequencies:

  1. Use brain entrainment to meditate and relieve stress.Beta: you are alert and awake; “high beta” is when this activity becomes frenzied, and when you experience the stress response.
  2. Alpha: you are relaxed and meditating; your mind is open (to new ideas), creative, intuitive and unconstrained by self-imposed limitations.
  3. Theta: You are in very deep meditation or light, dreaming sleep.
  4. Delta: you are in very deep, dreamless sleep.

Brain entrainment technology is new, but the concept is as old as music! Rhythmic chanting and drumbeats have been used since ancient times to induce a state of trance. It’s hypnotic, and very, very effective in creating altered states of consciousness, changing your moods (some beats soothe and others energize).

The real difference between brain entrainment beats and music is that you can’t hear brain entrainment beats; they are below the threshold of your hearing, although the brain registers them anyway. This means you can have any soundtrack you like as the music.

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Why Use Brain Entrainment?

The best reason to use brain entrainment is to help you meditate and to relieve stress – and to master the mental chaos of uncontrolled thoughts. When you’re awake and your brain is mostly operating in the beta state, it’s easy to become stressed because this brainwave state is all about information that is gathered by the physical senses. You see something and you have an emotional reaction to it. The problem occurs when you see (or feel/hear/taste/touch) something that has a negative emotional response. You go into a certain level fight or flight mode: STRESS. A little stress is good but if it’s not released, it will cause problems: scattered or cloudy thinking, anxiety, physical problems and more.

Brain entrainment helps you master mental chaos.When you use brain entrainment it’s easy to relax into the alpha state where your brain’s activity slows down and stress melts away. The body relaxes too. It starts counteracting the negative effects of cumulative stress – so meditation actually improves your health by giving the body a chance to repair itself at the cellular level. Sleep is necessary for that as well, but stress can interfere with sleep and you may not be getting enough.

The alpha state is also highly suggestive, meaning it’s easy to do self-improvement exercises like imprinting positive thoughts and mastering your thoughts and emotions. And there’s more! While you’re in alpha, you are more attuned to your intuition and your creative imagination is not restricted by logic or any rules whatsoever (like time, or space). The greatest inventions have been dreamed up when the imagination is unleashed!

And (yes, there’s more) personal growth means retraining your mind to think differently. This is impossible unless your mind is relaxed and in the suggestible alpha state. Personal growth involves visualizing what can be, as opposed to what is. This means you have to imagine the best-case scenario. NOT easy, when your logical mind says, “But… look! You don’t have that now! What makes you think you can ever have it?” The mind censors everything that you want to do. It filters what you want through its filters of what it believes is possible or impossible. Usually, “impossible” wins out. Removing the constraints of the mind requires being in the alpha state. That’s where the magic happens!

Traditional meditation occurs when you hold your focus on something: your breath, music, a mantra or an object. It’s not easy! It can take many years to master. With brain entrainment, you get the benefits of mediation from the first day! Your personal growth process is accelerated when you can focus on what you need to change, instead of struggling to meditate. Traditional meditation can be very frustrating for beginners – and even for experienced meditators who are trying to achieve the elusive “silent mind” where all thoughts stop! The state of consciousness where your mind’s chatter stops is incredibly peaceful. But it can take many, many hours of practice to achieve.

The ultimate benefit of meditation is to achieve mastery of your mind. Then you control what the mind thinks. Your subconscious thought patterns dictate most of your behavior and therefore your results. These are your beliefs about what you can and cannot be, do and have. Mental mastery means you have changed those beliefs to work for you instead of sabotage you.

Use technology to accelerate your personal growth!The Technology

Binaural beats are the most common type of brain entrainment technology. While arguably not as effective at entrainment as isochronic tones or monaural beats, they are the most effective at synchronizing the two brain hemispheres. Whole-brain synchronization or “genius thinking” is the marriage of logic and creativity, or ‘physical world’ and ‘inner world’. It opens you up to creative solutions that would be judged impossible by logical thought alone!

Binaural beats are actually produced by the brain when two different frequencies are sent through headphones (a different frequency goes into each ear and the brain combines the two into one). Monaural beats and isochronic tones are both produced by the audio equipment outside of the brain.

Rapid Growth

When you combine brain entrainment with personal development techniques like affirmations and visualization, you get a lot of growth very quickly. You can concentrate on what you need to do, knowing that your brain is in the alpha state the whole time.

Brain entrainment opens the door to meditation to anyone, regardless of experience. Once you’re an active participant in your inner world, you can create the changes necessary to create change in the outer world.

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