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Binaural beats are getting more and more attention these days, as experts learn more about the benefits associated with them.  We hear a lot about this term in relation to meditation, but oftentimes the term is not explained.

Binaural beats are simply sounds or pitches that modify the brainwaves of the brain and have been found to help people experience more consciousness, spirituality, relaxation, and more. “Beats” are simply frequencies and “binaural” means two- in this case using both ears.

Heinrichh Wilhelm Dove discovered this effect back in 1839, but it didn’t really get a lot of attention until the late 20th century when Dr. Gerald Oster wrote a paper about it that was published in the Scientific American.  After this people began talking about how good binaural beats were for relaxation and meditation and more and more people began tapping into the power of binaural beats.  Back then though, we did not have the technology that we have today with computers and such, so much more advancement is taking place today.

What happens is that our brainwaves can be changed when two tones that are different but close in pitch are heard by us. The slightly different frequencies cause a lower frequency that resonates with the brain and force brainwaves to follow the same frequency.

Brainwave frequency


When we experience something it is because our brains are at a certain frequency. For example, when we are happy, our brainwaves are at particular frequency and when we are angry they will be at a different frequency.  By introducing binaural beats, it can force our brainwave frequency to be associated with happiness instead of anger.

Experts tell us that our ears are unable to hear frequencies under 20hz, but the most powerful brainwave frequencies are below this.  Let’s say we want to experience a frequency of 10hz.  We would have to introduce one ear to 500hz and the other ear 510hz. The difference is 10h, which will modify our brainwaves to get our desired effect.

Certain binaural beats have been known to help some to have more creative dreams or even dabble in astral projection.  Some experts agree that certain brainwave frequencies can help us to experience more happiness, relaxation, mental clarity, energy, motivation, and personal and spiritual development and not only that if you are interested in how to lucid dream binaural beats are the go to option to have them.

One goal of using binaural beats is to stay in the alpha cycle, which is the cycle associated with meditation.  By staying in this cycle, people can experience more consciousness and grow spiritually.  It can take years of meditation to achieve this state consistently, as random thoughts tend to keep us from being able to stay in this state of consciousness.  It is also hard to find the time to sit quietly and still the mind long enough to actually feel like we are meditation.  With binaural beats, though, achieving this state of consciousness only takes moments.


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