Meditation is the single most important self-development and wellness practice known to mankind. Its benefits encompass your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. There is really not a single area of life that cannot be improved with a daily meditation practice!

The benefits of meditation are many; stress reduction is #1.The #1 Benefit of Meditation

The #1 benefit is stress reduction. Stress manifests in the body as high blood pressure, muscle tension, high cortisol levels (which lead to weight gain), headaches, indigestion, heart palpitations, reproductive problems including PMS, ED and infertility, poor skin tone, acne, rapid aging and more.

The deep level of physical relaxation brought about by meditation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This means the body goes into ‘rest and digest’ mode. Tissue repair and regeneration can only happen when the body is in a relaxed state.

When you’re under stress, the sympathetic nervous system continually dumps stress hormones into the system. This is necessary short-term (as in the face of danger) but long-term, if there is no relief from stress, you will experience potentially dangerous repercussions. It’s pointless to treat the symptoms of stress without addressing the cause (despite what the pharmaceutical companies would have you believe). The only way to permanently get rid of excess stress is to meditate. Exercise is a great stress-buster too, but does not create the right mindset.

What does mindset have to do with stress? Everything! Stress is a choice – meaning, when you have mastery over your mind, YOU CHOOSE your emotional response to a situation. You choose whether to be upset, or let it go.

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Meditation speeds healing and promotes good health.Physical Benefits of Meditation

Meditation speeds up healing. The body is given a chance to repair itself during the deeply relaxed state it’s in, and the mind relaxes as well. Anyone dealing with chronic illness, serious injury, operations and disease is almost inevitably suffering from anxiety, depression, fear and even anger. All of these negative emotions cause – you guessed it – a stress response!

The brain can’t tell the difference between a fear that’s emotionally-based (fear of losing the quality of life) and a fear that’s physically-based (fear of being hurt). The response is the same: production of stress hormones. This gets you ready to run away from danger, but interferes with healing.

Meditation changes your state of mind from negative to positive. This has been proven to facilitate healing. There’s a reason “laughter is the best medicine” is not just an old wives’ tale but the truth!

The immune system is also tied to your mental state. If you’ve ever gotten sick after a period of stress, you know how powerful the mind is over your physical state.


Mental and Emotional Benefits of Meditation

Stress also impacts your mental functioning and your emotional state. If you’ve ever been unable to concentrate, felt like you’re in a mental fog, can’t find that creative spark, can’t “think straight”, can’t remember, ride the emotional rollercoaster, feel depressed much of the time, feel weepy and volatile, prone to anger and emotional outbursts, it’s all because of stress and an inability to control emotions.

Meditation enhances your mental faculties and balances your emotions.Stress clouds your mental processes. If you’re worried about something, you can’t devote your full mental energies to what you’re doing. If your thoughts are racing all over the place, you can’t focus and learn (or perform). You can’t allow your creativity to flourish when you have too much on your mind. Solution? Get control of your stress first; and then, learn to focus your thoughts. Your capacity for learning will improve; so will your memory, cognitive processing speed, creativity and focus. Meditation literally physically changes your brain – the longer you meditate, the more grey matter you gain (capacity), and the more you increase the thickness of your cerebral cortex (speed).

Stress also makes you emotionally unstable. You might be cruising along just fine one moment, only to have some random event trigger an uncontrollable bout of crying or anger. Meditation removes the stress, giving you the strength to step back from any situation, see it from a new point of view, choose your response and not let it control you. Can you see the implications in your personal and professional relationships? They’re huge!

And, there’s more! Meditation helps you overcome phobias and fears; builds self-confidence; positively influences your mood; actually slows the aging of the brain; helps you overcome bad habits; develops your intuition; helps you rise above petty issues and annoyances; helps you see the bigger picture; develops self-mastery and helps you become a more compassionate person with better listening skills and the ability to see multiple points of view. You will learn forgiveness and understanding of yourself and others; and learn to accept yourself. This wisdom will carry through to your life in the most amazing ways. Your improved attitude and ability to live in the present will enhance your life experience and help you achieve enlightenment.

Meditation increases peak performance in all areas of your life!It has been proven to increase intelligence by synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain. It increases job satisfaction because you are better able to value your contribution and be happy with ‘what is’? Meditation helps improve social skills and social behaviors including lowering the tendency to overreact and raising your tolerance threshold for the “stupid” things in life.

Meditation helps cure addictions including smoking, prescription drugs and alcoholism, and helps regulate your sleep cycles. It lessens your tendency to worry and obsess, which makes substance dependence and poor sleep a thing of the past.

Meditation increases your ability to perform at your absolute peak of potential mentally and physically. Have you ever seen an Olympic athlete just before competition? They have their headphones on and they have completely tuned out the world – they are going within, summoning their most intense focus and finding the hidden reserves of strength, endurance and willpower they know lies in their mind.

With all of these benefits, are you excited about getting started? It’s easy! No special skills are required when you use Omharmonics meditation audio – just put on your headphones, press play and you’re off to a wonderful state of bliss!


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