Discover a Revolutionary Technology that Lets You Experience All the Benefits of Deep Meditation in a Matter of Minutes

From relaxation to focus to sparking creativity…

Meditation rocks! And with the huge amount of scientific studies validating it, you’d think everyone would be spending at least 10 mins a day meditating. But in reality only 20 million Americans meditate. That still leaves about 200 million of you who’ve yet to figure it out. Allow us to help ;-)

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“For anyone out there who is in search of feeling more peaceful and focused” - Bob Wilkie, Colorado

How will you change your life once YOU unleash your mind’s potential?

Science says that meditation can enhance your life span, reduce heart disease, significantly boost your happiness levels (so long Prozac!) and even even be used to increase sex-drive. So what are you waiting for?

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“This is the only Music that helped me to date I find the easiest to use” - Gale Budge Ne Knoutze


Overcome challenges like a pro

Yet you sometimes have a hard time meditating. The biggest problems? Lack of focus and falling asleep. And the stresses of modern living also make it hard to go deep. No fear, Omharmonics is here.

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“Blissful…… love love” - Arlene Agyeman Coker Appiah

Go deeper in a matter of minutes

Omharmonics helps you attain deeper meditation, stay focused and stay awake. It’s also amazing to listen to. Like the Mozart of binaural beats. 4 unique qualities are infused into each track.

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“This product is worth every penny.” - Brian Ulrich

OmHarmonics Featured in Timesquare

Watch the video to find out what people say about us:

Just read what are thousands of users have said. We were even on Times Square. Our review page alone has hundreds of real comments from users who experienced amazing benefits with Omharmonics.

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“I listened to the quick version of ‘The Balance’ for 15 minutes and the headache I’ve had for days is GONE!” - Melanie Joy Vertalino

Download your free OmHarmonics audio to get started

Try a free sample today. And we won’t just send you an Omharmonics MP3. You’ll also get the 6 Phase Meditation, a truly powerful and brilliant meditation developed by Mindvalley to help you experience gratitude, forgiveness, connection and positive daydreaming. It’s really quite remarkable. Signup to get access free just like our million of other subscribers.

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“I sleep so much better now” - Marisa Teresa Antonio

Experience the power of meditation NOW

And then go ahead and get your copy of the complete Omharmonics experience. With unique audios to help you not just meditate, but also wake up to a beautiful day, sleep soundly, focus at work, and boost creativity. All beautifully packaged, easy to download (or shipped if you prefer) and backed by world class customer support from Mindvalley.

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“The free audio put me in such a deep state that I have never been before, it was amazing! Can’t wait to get all of it!” - Son La

Meet the publishing team behind OmHarmonics and some of the biggest names in personal growth

Visionaries, rebels, crazed inventors, best-selling authors, ambitious entrepreneurs, people who believe they can change the world…

These are the people we call our employees, partners and authors.

The people who make Mindvalley unique: a tight team of the best minds from 30 different countries. If you like what you see, we invite you to join us as we are hiring all year round to fuel our growth.

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Got Questions? Our Heroic Customer Support is here for you:

Thanks to Mindvalley, OmHarmonics is now hosted on the Mindvalley Academy, one of the top platforms for delivering online training. You also get epic customer support that is ranked in the top 2% of all companies using for evaluating support agents. Learn more about our
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