Experience The Powerful Benefits of Deep Meditation in Just Minutes A Day

Engineered to Quickly and Effortlessly Guide You into The Alpha Level of Mind Even If You Are Extremely Busy. Relax More, Focus Better, Think Sharp and Live Joyfully with No Extra Effort on Your Part

Introducing the Next Generation of Meditation

OmHarmonics Is A Next-generation Binaural Beats Meditation Audio Technology

We’ve created a collection of five OmHarmonics meditation audios engineered to quickly and effortlessly guide you into the Alpha level at different times and scenarios throughout your day. Each track comes in 2 versions: 30-minute and 15-minute, designed to fit your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

The Start of Day

Listen to this first, right as you wake up to charge yourself with Positive energy that lasts throughout the day.

The Focus

When you need to focus on a task turn this track on. Get instant focus that’s so sharp, you could slice bread with it.

The Spark

An instant dose of creativity and inspiration to pull brilliant ideas and out-of-the-box solutions seemingly out of thin air.

The Balance

When you need to wind down after a busy day. Monk-like calmness and relaxation, even after the most hectic day.

The Deep Rest

Just before you sleep to achieve deep, natural, uninterrupted sleep—without any restlessness.

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Why OmHarmonics?

OmHarmonics was created out of the need of a modern day alternative to traditional meditation audios.

It the famous Multivariate Resonance Technology (MRT), developed by one of the pioneers in meditation audio technology, Paul Hoffman to guide you into a state of profound relaxation. OmHarmonics does this by aligning your senses with audible heartbeats and breathing sounds thereby putting your body and mind in it’s natural rhythm where you’ll feel blissfully alive.

Meet the OmHarmonics Team

Visionaries, rebels, crazed inventors, best-selling authors, ambitious entrepreneurs, people who believe they can change the world…

These are the people we call our employees, partners and authors. The people who make Mindvalley unique: a tight team of the best minds from 30 different countries. If you like what you see, we invite you to join us as we are hiring all year round to fuel our growth.

OmHarmonics featured in Times Square

Watch the video to find out what people say about us:

Just read what are thousands of users have said. We were even on Times Square. Our review page alone has hundreds of real comments from users who experienced amazing benefits with OmHarmonics. OmHarmonics used to enhance Productivity in the office.

We would not have said it better ourselves…

“The perfectly choreographed notes and lilting beat”

“Before OmHarmonics, I had a very difficult time making my mind still. Meditation seemed like a chore in my goal to be more balanced. The perfectly choreographed notes and lilting beat of the OmHarmonics set was the first, and only meditation experience that has worked for me. My favorite is the one I do at night, right before I go to sleep. I’ve never slept better in my life!”

Jennifer Kem

Marketing and Brand Expert

“Go from extreme mania to a state of absolute peace and quietness.”

“As someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for 10 years, I have never been able to quiet my mind. Ever. And then, I downloaded OmHarmonics. WOW. What a shift. I was able to go from extreme mania to a state of absolute peace and quietness. I absolutely recommend OmHarmonics to anyone who has challenges with simply BEING. This is what you have been looking for. THANK YOU!”

Vasavi Kumar

Author of S.O.U.R.C.E of Your Success

“For me OmHarmonics is the most enjoyable and amazing meditation experience ever.”

“I rate OmHarmonics up there with the best, and I’ve used another (way more expensive) binaural beats meditation series for years. For me OmHarmonics is the most enjoyable and amazing meditation experience ever. As soon as the music starts, my whole body goes aaaahhhh and relaxes and I know wellbeing is flowing through me when I’m in that state. I think it’s amazing value, try it!”

Juliet Lyndle

Imperial College London

With OmHarmonics, you are just minutes away from experiencing deeper meditation.

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